With more than 20 years of looking after the hearing health in the local communities in Greater Newcastle, your hearing health is in safe hands. Our comprehensive audiology services include: 

Our Unique Approach

We appreciate that each set of ears is unique. Our approach to hearing health is focused on what suits our client’s needs. Our recommendation is based on your specific situation and budget, while achieving optimal outcomes. 


We take the time to carefully assess your hearing health, understand your hearing needs and exploring the various ways of achieving optimal results.


Our recommendations are always based on improving your hearing health and maintaining healthy hearing for the long term.


We encourage all our customers to keep their hearing health in check. Maintaining hearing health is easier with our simple approach to scheduled assessments.

Preparing for your visit

Here’s some handy tips:

Choosing the appropriate hearing device

With access to Phonak and Unitron, the world’s leading providers of life-changing hearing solutions and hearing devices, Optical & Hearing is committed to helping people choose the appropriate hearing devices for their needs. When choosing hearing aids, our Audiology team will walk you through the best hearing aid options to help you find the right personalised solution.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Optical & Hearing are proud to be an independent audiology practice. This means we have access to a wide range of hearing aids. We can help you choose hearing aids that are matched to your specific needs.

Our Audiology team

Greg Frost Hearing and Optical Newcastle

Greg Frost

Greg Frost combined his experience in Optical and Audiology services in 2001 to create Optical & Hearing. He provides the community of Lake Macquarie NSW with a locally owned, friendly and professional service.

Since then the business has grown to include Newcastle Hearing, Third Ear Hearing, Southlakes Hearing and Frost Optical. The focus has always been to provide Service, Quality and Price giving our clients value for money.

Lauren Frost profile photo optical and hearing newcastle

Lauren Frost

Lauren is the mother of two beautiful girls and has been a part of the audiology team at Optical and Hearing since 2018. Lauren is an integral part of the professional caring service we provide.

Having worked in multiple audiology practices since 2015, Lauren brings knowledge and experience from different clinical settings adding value to what we provide.

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